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    In line with the Environmental Protection Authority initiative, Bob & Pete’s practices responsible recovery and recycling of packaging throughout the product lifecycle. We attempt to reuse our boxes at least three times prior to sending it for recycling. Our drivers make every effort to bring boxes back and receive a cash incentive to return them Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of packaging within our facility and post product delivery, in order to minimise our footprint. .


    Since 2009, we have implemented a recycling policy that practices proper waste disposal. All paper waste is processed through our Elephant Foot comparator which is then collected by Grima for further recycling and conversion into reusable products which are sent back in the consumable market. Bob & Pete’s try to minimise any excess raw material from production however; where we can’t further process raw material we instead collect for organic waste to distribute to farms around NSW for stock feed. Bob & Pete’s make no financial gain from recycling practices, our goal is simply to reduce our footprint.


Bob & Pete’s is committed to making sustainable packaging a priority. That’s why our cardboard is made from 100% recyclable material which is not lined with wax to ensure sustainability. We line our cardboard boxes with high density polyethylene plastic liners which are entirely recyclable.