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Bob & Pete's 100% Butter Croissants


In 1983, a quest to match the deliciousness of Parisian Croissants led to the creation of Bob & Pete’s All Butter Croissant. Our bakers continue to honour this tradition, making our Croissants with 100% New Zealand butter. Carefully folded between 33 layers of dough, butter delivers the best flavour for Croissants and those flaky, airy layers that we love


The internal structure of our delicious croissants with evenly spread laminations is the result of artful baking and provides the perfect foundation for an indulgent breakfast. Load up a Straight croissant with bacon and eggs to upgrade your breakfast menu.


From the original Butter Croissant through to our Almond Croissants and Pain Au Chocolat, we have something to suit everyone.

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