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Hank's Jam

The Hank’s Australian story...

Hank’s Jam was started in 1993 by a chef named ‘Hank’ in Darlinghurst in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Using traditional recipes he had collected over the years and excess fruit he obtained from local fruit shops he developed a small range of exquisite jams and chutneys, Combining only natural ingredients with a slow reduction cooking method he had perfected.

The word spread quickly and his jams and chutneys grew in demand as more and more people tasted his products and were captivated by the flavours and textures of his creations.

Today Hank’s jams and chutneys are still cooked with the same traditional method ‘Hank’ used 21 years ago. We hope you discover and enjoy the flavours and textures Hank’s products are famous for, still made with the same ‘Time and Love’.


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