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Australia Day 2020

Celebrate Australia Day with Bob & Pete's!


Please note important Public Holiday Close Off Time and Product Unavailability below: 


Favourites are back, including the Beef and Beer Pie and the Coat of Arms Pie - made with A-grade emu and kangaroo fillet, red wine and mushrooms, this oval shaped pie is topped with a pastry tribute to the Coat of Arms.

A zesty twist on an Aussie icon, our Australia Day Green and Gold Lamington is a Classic vanilla sponge, soaked in tropical lime jelly and coated in golden desiccated coconut. 

After a classic? We have traditional lamingtons, fairy bread donuts.

View the entire range here!


Aus Day Product Availability


Italian Breads: House Loaf (Pane Di Casa), Sliced House Loaf (Pane Di Casa), Jumbo House Loaf, Sliced Jumbo House Loaf, Soft House Loaf, Vienna Loaf, Continental Bread Stick, Soft House Stick (Lunghi), Ciabatta Long Roll (Rectangle), Ciabatta Small Dinner Roll (Square), Cuban Roll, House Dinner Roll, House Long Roll, Portuguese Long Roll (Soft), Rosetta Roll, Torpedo White Roll.

IB Breads: 700g Large Multigrain Toast Sliced, 700g Large White Toast Sliced, 700g Large Wholemeal Toast Sliced, Special Mix Grain Toast Sliced, Cocktail Frankfurt Roll 110mm, Chianti Roll, Panini Roll, Harvest Roll, Liparese Long Roll, Liparese Standard Roll, English Muffins (Bag x 6), Long Roll White (Crusty), Long Roll Multigrain (Crusty), Long Roll White Sesame (Crusty), Long Roll Wholemeal (Crusty), Hotdog Roll Unseeded (Soft), Hotdog Roll Sesame (Soft), Hot Dogs Side Cut (Bag x6), Long Hotdogs Top Cut Seeded (Bag x6), Jumbo White Cut Buns Seeded (Bag x12).